Blue Diamond Pools offers complete pool plumbing for most residential and commercial pools.  Whether you need all new pool plumbing, partial plumbing replacement, or a complete overhaul, our qualified pool plumbers can handle your pool plumbing needs.

Split Main Drains

In some cases, with new VGB (Virginia Graeme Baker Act), your pool may require that the main drain be split to be in compliance.  We specialize in this procedure, both on residential or commercial.

New Return Lines

In some cases, pool plumbing was originally done in copper plumbing and needs to be replaced due to leaks.  We can install new return lines that are up to current standards.

Skimmer Installations

Replacement of skimmers may be necessary for several reasons:  1) the style is outdated  2)  the existing skimmer may be cracked  or 3)  the skimmer is leaking.  We can replace your pool skimmer and have it looking as good as new.