Our pool upgrade finishes include Altima®, Luna Quartz®, Pearl Matrix™, Satin Matrix™, Primera Stone.   We have been offering these finishes for the over 5 years, with over 20 years in pebble and quartz finish application.  We prefer to use WetEdge® products because of the time and research WetEdge® has put into their products, we feel that they are the best product on the market. We offer quality pool refinishing services for clients in the Redding CA area. Check out some of the materials we use below.

Quartz Pool Finishes


Altima™ pool finish is a definite improvement to a standard plaster surface. Altima® contains a premium combination of bright white quartz sand, quality marble sand and the patented Pebble Edge® Admixture. It contains pozzolans and polymers that fortify the cement and provide an advantage in durability over standard plaster finishes.

Luna Quartz Premium Pool Finish

Luna Quartz Premium Pool Finish is a high performance pool finish that combines one of natures hardest minerals with a specialty engineered cement admixture containing pozzolans and polymers. Luna Quartz® looks like traditional plaster bit is much more durable.

Pebble Pool Finishes

Primera Stone®

Looks like pebble, but is smooth like plaster. This ultra premium pool finish combines the durability and natural look of a pebble pool with the smoothness of a polished surface. Some of the colors are accented with recycled glass that adds a prismatic dimension to the pool finish. Primera Stone® pools are sure to have your guest asking where they can get this beautiful pool finish.

Satin Matrix™

The combination of small pebbles, high quality pigments and the Pebble Edge® Admixture are blended to stringent specifications for a long lasting pool finish. Choose from one of thirteen elegant pebble color combinations for your pool surface.

Pearl Matrix™

Pearl Matrix™ pool finish provides a beautiful and natural appearance to your pool. Pearl Matrix™ is developed by combining slightly larger vibrant, naturally colored stones into one of many stunning color combinations. Every Pearl Matrix™ finish is produced to allow an attractive and delightful natural appearance.

Prism Matrix™

Enjoy the smooth accent of Prism Matrix™ in your pool finish that will give a vibrant and very attractive look to your pool. These manufactured smooth glass beads can be added to any Satin Matrix™ or Pearl Matrix™ finish. The beads add an incredible amount of color and richness to the pool finish.

Glass Beads

Pool Finishes